Teignmouth in Devon, check out Devon and Cornwall News

A New Online News Portal for Devon & Cornwall

Greetings Westcountry folk! This is the first post for our new online news portal. What is Devon and Cornwall News all about?

Well, it’s probably obvious, but the aim is to bring you independent and well written news from across the region. While we’re not aiming to bring you ‘breaking news’, the aim is to keep residents of Devon and Cornwall up to date with the important things happening in the region.

And, for visitors to Devon and Cornwall, we want to also offer guides and reviews to help make your stay in our beautiful part of the world even better.

Looking for the best restaurant in Exeter? Or perhaps wondering what festivals are happening in Cornwall this summer? Maybe you want to find the best surf beaches near Plymouth? Well, stay tuned, as we’re aiming to bring you all the best content we can…

And, that brings us to contributors. We’re a (very) small team, so we will be relying on information from you guys in the public.

As we’re an independent news platform, we are always open to contributions from local residents and people with something interesting to say. If you’d like to write for us, or if you have something you’d like to share with the world, take a look at our contact pages.

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