The Joys Of Student Life In Plymouth

Choosing which University to study at in the UK can be very tricky. There are so many great cities to enjoy while you’re studying. But one of these often goes under the radar, the Devon city of Plymouth.

People often confuse Plymouth with Portsmouth. Although they have some similarities, being on the coast with a naval history, actually they’re miles apart in terms of lifestyle and culture.

If you’re wondering about student life in Plymouth, this is why it’s an excellent place to get your degree.

Surfing culture

Devon’s south coast, features lots of awesome beaches just a short hop from the city. In fact, with a car, you can be on a beach in about 15-20 minutes.

Surfing is a popular and accessible sport across the westcountry, so you’ll find lots of opportunity to have a go, even if you’ve never done it before.

The best surf beaches close to Plymouth are Whitsand Bay, Mothercombe, Wembury and Bigbury. On a good day, even Bovisand can get some decent swell.

Sea air and views

Plymouth sits on one of the biggest natural harbours in the UK, Plymouth Sound. With views into the English Channel, it’s perfect for taking a stroll on a nice day, or even enjoying watching the waves when a storm rolls in.

On a calmer day, you can easily take a boat to one of the nearby villages to really connect with the sea. Head to the Barbican and jump on a boat to Kingsand/Cawsand or Mount Batten.

The Barbican in Plymouth is a great place to party and relax

Excellent nightlife

As a student, you want to be sure that you’re going to find lots of opportunity to party. And, luckily, Plymouth has stacks of bars, pubs, clubs and festivals to keep you distracted from your studies.

North Hill is where you’ll find most of the student bars. But the pretty Barbican is also a great place to drink and party the night away.

Low cost of living

Students in big cities can often find themselves struggling with living costs. Plymouth has the added benefit of being student friendly with prices too. Rent is some of the cheapest in the UK, and there is a huge choice of student flats all over the city.

Plymouth is also very compact so you’ll not need to use much public transport or even a car to get around. All of this adds up to a very affordable lifestyle.

The University is great

OK, it’s not a red brick. But that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on a great education. In fact, the University of Plymouth has been voted one of the best in the UK.

There are actually three further education establishments in Plymouth: The University of Plymouth, The College of St Mark and St John and Plymouth College of Art and Design.

So whatever course you’re looking for, you’ll find an option in the city.

Outdoors lifestyle

Plymouth is by the sea so makes an excellent place to be a student

We’ve mentioned the beaches, which are definitely a draw for living in Plymouth. But, besides that, you’ll find loads of opportunity to get outdoors.

There are coastal walks right from the heart of the city to as far as your legs can carry you. Dartmoor is right on your doorstep, so if you love the open wilderness, you can cycle or walk for miles.

You’ll also find opportunities for football, rugby, cricket, paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, skateboarding, sailing, running, martial arts, yoga, scuba diving and fishing. Basically, whatever you’re into, you’ll find it in Plymouth.

Great food and drink

Plymouth might have been a bit of a backwater for food and drink in recent years. But, if you’re a bit of a foodie, you’ll find lots to tempt you down in Devon.

The Barbican is home to some of the best fish and chips in the country. And in the city centre, there are plenty of new and exciting eateries opening up all the time. From Vietnamese and Thai to Polish and Portuguese. It can be hard to choose!

A compact city

Finally, Plymouth is a relatively small city, with 260,000 inhabitants. This means its really easy to get around on foot or bike, so you’ll never get lost.

So, if you’re looking for an awesome place to study, the University of Plymouth is a fantastic choice.

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