A genuine Masala Dosa

The Best Indian Food In Plymouth? Cinnamon Garden Review

The Cinnamon Garden in Plymouth is a new addition to the city’s culinary scene. Housed in the former Jaipur Palace, on the corner of Vauxhall Street (just down from the new Barcode complex), you could be forgiven for thinking, ‘OK, yeah another Indian restaurant’.

But, could this be a contender for best Indian restaurant in Plymouth?

We decided to check it out, using Just Eats to deliver our order.

Now, bear with me as we didn’t go for the generic Indian fare of tikka masalas or bhunas. Sorry about that. As someone who has visited India a number of times, I have a particular craving for a few dishes that are hard to locate at Indian establishments in the westcountry.

So, I was delighted to see that Cinnamon Garden offered both masala dosas and paneer butter masala.

To the uninitiated, a masala dosa is a type of long thin crepe/pancake with a spiced potato stuffing served with a variety of dips, including a thin curry. Trust me when I say it’s a fantastically moreish dish.

A genuine Masala Dosa
This is what a genuine masala dosa looks like….

Paneer butter masala is similar to a butter chicken, but with cubes of paneer cheese.

Our pre-order went in, and we were expecting our order at 5.30 pm. But, surprise, our delivery was early! So, we were ready to chow down on our Indian feast at 5:10. Bonus.

I’ve only had a masala dosa in a resturant before, and it’s normally quite an impressive sight, with a long cylinder of the pancake and all the dips on the tray. So, served in a polystyrene case and with plastic tubs for the dips, it was never going to be quite the entrance. Of course, the proof would be in the tasting.

I’m happy to say that the Cinnamon Garden delivered my Indian craving amd jumped instantly to the top of my favourite Indian restaurant in Plymouth. Easily.

The dosa was light and crispy, the potato filling was perfectly spiced and substantial (sometimes the filling can be a little be lacking). And the dips? Very authentic, with a spicy tomato chutney and coconut chutney, alongside the sambal curry.

Definite thumbs up.

The best restaurant in Plymouth? Judged on it's masala dosa
Cinnamon Garden delivery Masala dosa… Close enough!

On to the paneer butter masala and our pilau rice. Was this going to knock the rating down with a generic curry and rice?

Far from it. Rather than being just another ‘curry sauce and whatever’, a la any other Indian restaurant, this had all the makings of a dish made by someone who knows their stuff. Plenty of paneer, deliciously spiced, perfectly buttery with just a slight chili tinge. Literally perfect.

So, if you’re looking for the best Indian restaurant in Plymouth? Try the Cinnamon Garden.

Price for:

  • 2x Masala Dosas
  • 1x Paneer Butter Masala
  • 1x Pilau Rice

On Just Eat with Delivery: £30.96. Well worth it.

This is an independent review and has not been requested or paid for by the Cinnamon Garden.

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