Lockdown Ending In UK: What You Can Do In 2021

The restrictions around the Coronavirus lockdowns in place since New Year 2021 are due to be eased on the 12th April. From this date, non-essential retail will be opening again, and you will be able to enjoy a drink or food at outside locations for pubs and restaurants.

If you’re planning a big blow out, this won’t happen until June at the earliest. There are still no indoor pubs or clubs open until the summer, but you can definitely expect people in the UK to be letting their hair down. Especially as the sun is coming back.

From the 12th April 2021, you will be able to:

  • Visit shops, hairdressers and beauty salons
  • Visit the gym or a spa
  • Go to nature reserves, theme parks and other public attractions outdoors
  • Attend a wedding or funeral for up to 15 people
  • Take a UK based holiday, provided you are in self-containted accommodation
  • Take children to playgroups etc.
  • Visit care homes, up to 2 people
  • Take driving lessons (from 22nd April)

The next stage of the lockdown lifting will be in May, with the stage three lockdown easing expected around the 17th May. Many local businesses will be opening soon, but with some restrictions still in place.

This will include large groups of up to 30 people allowed to meet outdoors, indoor hospitality venues and extended travel.

However, with many people under 50 still not vaccinated against Covid-19, it;s worth remembering that the virus is still out there.

We have already seen the situation in Chile, where the majority of the population was vaccinated, but they have had to return to lockdown due to an increase in cases. There is a strong possibility that this could happen in the UK also.

Precautions will still need to be taken including:

  • Wearing of masks inside shops and other internal public locations
  • Regular cleaning of hands with soap or anti-bac gel
  • Maintaining social distancing

What do you think of the lockdown lifting? Let us know in the comments below.

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