what is EMDR therapy, how does it work and what are the benefits?

EMDR Therapy: What Is It & What Are The Benefits?

Eye Molecular Rehabilitation (EMDR) is an interactive brain technology used to reduce psychological stress. It is an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In the EMDR treatment course, when the therapist guides your eye movements, you will experience traumatic experiences or experiences with limited stimulation.

EMDR is considered effective because when you shift emotions, reversing the traumatic event is usually emotionally unhealthy. This allows you to experience memories or thoughts without complicated mental annotations.

Over time, this technique is believed to reduce the impact of memories or thoughts on you.


It is believed that people with traumatic memories and people with PTSD will benefit greatly from EMDR treatment.

It is especially useful for people who are struggling to talk about their past.

Although there are not enough studies to prove its effectiveness in these areas, EMDR therapy can also be used to treat:

  • Frustrated
  • Worry
  • Panic attack
  • Malnutrition
  • Addicted

EMDR treatment is divided into eight different stages, so you should attend several sessions. Treatment usually lasts up to 12 different courses.

Medical history and treatment plan

Your therapist will first review your medical history and determine where you are during the treatment. This assessment phase also includes solving your problems and identifying traumatic memories that can be solved individually.


Then, your therapist will help you learn some different ways to deal with the emotional or psychological stress you are experiencing.

You can use stress management techniques such as deep breathing and meditation.


In the third stage of EMDR treatment, your therapist will determine the specific memory to be targeted and all relevant components of each target memory (for example, the physical sensation that is triggered when focusing on the event).


Then, your therapist will start using the EMDR treatment technique to treat the target memory. In these courses, you will be asked to focus on negative thinking, memory or design.

Your therapist will perform special eye movements at the same time. Depending on your situation, emdr schweiz the stimulation on both sides may also include tapping or other mixed movements.

After stimulating both parties, your therapist will ask you to clear your mind and find out your thoughts and feelings. Once you recognize these thoughts, your therapist can reactivate these traumatic memories or move on.

If you are depressed, the therapist will help you remember the time before you experienced other traumatic memories. As time goes by, the problem of having a specific thought, image or memory will gradually disappear.


In the final stage, after these courses are over, you will be asked to evaluate your progress. Your therapist will do the same thing.


Many independent controlled studies have shown that EMDR is an effective method for the treatment of PTSD. It is even suggested that the Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the treatment methods for PTSD.

A 2012 study of 22 people found that treatment with EMDR can help 77% of patients with mental illness and PTSD. He found that their hallucinations, hallucinations, anxiety and depression symptoms improved significantly after treatment. The study also found that symptoms worsened during treatment.

An age study comparing EMDR therapy with long-term exposure therapy found that EMDR therapy is more effective in treating symptoms. The study also found that the withdrawal rate of EMDR treatment was lower than that of participants. However, both reduce the symptoms of traumatic stress including anxiety and depression.

Several small studies have also found evidence that EMDR treatment is ineffective in the short term, but its effect can be maintained for a long time. (emdr schweiz) A 2004 study evaluated people who received “routine care” (SC) treatment for PTSD or EMDR a few months later.

During and after treatment, they found that EMDR was significantly more effective in reducing the symptoms of PTSD. During the three-month and six-month follow-up, they also admitted that the participants continued to receive these benefits long after completing the treatment. Overall, the study found that EMDR treatment can relieve people of SC symptoms for a long time.

Regarding depression, a study of 32 hospitalized patients using TrustI sources found that the treatment of EMDR showed promise for the treatment of the disease. The study found that 68% of people in the EMDR group showed complete forgiveness after treatment. Overall, the EMDR group also showed a significant reduction in depressive symptoms. Due to the small sample size, further research is needed.


EMDR treatment is considered safer and has fewer side effects than prescription drugs. However, you may experience some side effects.

EMDR treatment can lead to a high level of consciousness, but it will not stop immediately during the treatment process. This may cause headaches. It can also evoke vivid and vivid dreams.

Treatment of PTSD with EMDR therapy usually requires several courses. This means it will not work at night.

For people who are beginning to experience traumatic events, starting treatment can be particularly encouraging, especially due to increased attention span. Although treatment may be effective in the long run, overcoming stress during treatment may bring emotional stress.

When starting treatment, talk with your therapist to learn how to deal with these symptoms.

Facts have proved that EMDR treatment can effectively treat trauma and PTSD. They may also help treat other mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, and panic disorder.

Some people may prefer to use prescription drugs for treatment, which can bring unexpected side effects. Others may find that EMDR treatment enhances the effectiveness of their drugs.

If you think EMDR treatment is right for you, please make an appointment with an authorized therapist, or click here to find out more..

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