How can we avoid another covid outbreak in the westcountry?

Will Coronavirus Cases Rise in the Westcountry with Eased Restrictions?

With the sun coming out and restrictions easing, its tempting to think that we’re in the clear with regards to Coronavirus. But even in the Westcountry, which has seen some of the lowest case rates in the UK since New Year, we are still at risk of potential new cases and outbreaks of Covid-19.

The Devon Council newsroom has released a warning stating that they do expect coronavirs cases to rise in Devon.

Case numbers in Devon are best described as stable at the moment. A little up and down, but currently stable. However, we do expect case numbers to rise due to easing of restrictions.

Nationally, the weekly increase is around 32 per cent. That means case numbers have risen on average by nearly a third overall in England in the last week.

So what can you do to ensure you help keep infections in the Westcountry under control?

Continue to wear masks indoors, and follow sanitations procedures including cleaning your hads regularly.

Additionally, its easy to get hold of your own home testing kits in the UK to check if you have Coronavirus. It’s recommended to do this at least once a week and to make sure you isolate if you do feel like you have any symptoms such as a new continuous cough, fever, loss of smell or taste or any flu like symptoms.

Although summer 2020 did see low infection rates, the new Delta variant (Indian variant of Coronavirus) has been known to be especially infectious and may yet cause a third wave in the UK.

As usual, follow sensible precautions, avoid mixing in large groups and keep an eye on the news and local advice. And of course make sure you get your covid-19 vaccine whenever it becomes available to you.

Hopefully we will not be seeing another lockdown and we will beat this together!

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