The Important Things You Need To Know Before Root Canal Treatment

The Important Things You Need To Know Before Root Canal Treatment

There are several reasons to consider undergoing root canal treatment in Dubai. If left untreated, tooth problems can worsen and lead to bone loss, pain, or even tooth extraction. While root canal treatment is not a cure-all, it is more desirable than extraction. Pain from toothaches is often associated with this procedure, and it is a good way to avoid the need for tooth replacement in the future.

Infection of the dental pulp:

During this procedure, the dentist creates an opening in the top of the affected tooth and removes the decayed and infected dental pulp with specialized instruments. The dentist then disinfects the chamber and interior root canals and places a temporary filling. Afterward, the tooth is sealed with a sealer paste or a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. The procedure is usually completed within one or two days.

Bone loss:

The bacteria in the tooth’s root can cause local bone loss due to an incomplete root canal treatment. These bacteria cause inflammation in the surrounding bone and lead to resorption of the bone underneath the tooth. A dark oval may also indicate bone loss under the tooth at the far right or by scarring on the gums. The dentist may recommend a different treatment if bone loss is suspected.


Although the pain experienced after a root canal procedure is usually short-lived, some people may have persistent discomfort. Pain that persists after root canal treatment may result from another cause, including other pain models. Persistent pain after nerve sectioning is not a new phenomenon in healthcare; it is also known as phantom limb pain. However, you should discuss any persistent pain with your dentist immediately.

Recovery time:

After root canal treatment, your body may experience sensitivity and swelling for one or two days. Pain may occur, but you should manage it with over-the-counter pain relievers or sleep with your head elevated. Pain will also subside with time, but it may indicate an infection, so make sure to seek medical attention if you have sharp pain. You should be able to get back to normal eating and drinking within a few days of the procedure.

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