What Are The Rules Of Playing Padel Tennis?

What Are The Rules Of Playing Padel Tennis?

Padel tennis is quite similar to a tennis game. It is a racket sport that is played in doubles on an enclosed court. If you’re looking to buy a padel tennis racket, here are some guidelines to remember. First, remember that the size of the grip is very important. Second, understand that the end of the court the ball lands on is determined by the umpire. Third, a point is not lost if the ball hits a paddle or a person. If you are into this sport, click this link to get padel lessons in Dubai.

Rules of padel tennis

Umpires determine the choice of end of the court:

The umpire is the person who determines which end of the court each player serves from and receives from. They also determine when a player is allowed to serve and receive, and they announce the score at the end of the game. If a player is out of bounds, the umpire may suspend play or order a repeat of the point. The umpire is a professional who will enforce these rules.

The ball-hitting person/padel is not a loss of point:

It is important to remember that the ball must not hit the person or paddle on the other side of the court. If the ball hits your arm, leg, or paddle, it is a loss of point. It can also strike your clothing or your hand holding the paddle.

Players must reach across the net to return the first serve:

A serve must be returned across the net before it reaches the recipient. If the recipient misses the serve, they will be awarded a fault or a point. A service is considered complete when the ball touches the net, fence, or posts. If a player does not reach across the net to return the first serve, the server has the right to serve the next ball.

Grip size is important:

When buying padel tennis, it’s important to consider the size of your grip. The correct grip size can improve your volleys and power shots and also increase your confidence. Choose a grip size that feels comfortable and that you can easily adjust if you find that it’s too large or too small. If you are in between sizes, you can start with a smaller grip size and work up to it. An inexpensive overgrip is a great way to increase your grip size if necessary.

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