Whale spotted in Plymouth Sound! Devon

Whales Spotted in Busy Plymouth Sound Surprising Onlookers

Onlookers were surprised to see a visitor to Plymouth Sound early this morning, and no it isn’t the Sail GP yachts (although, that too). A lone whale was spotted swimming past Tinside pool and on to Mount Batten pier and Batten Bay at around 10 am today.

At first most onlookers thought it might be a seal or a dolphin, but when it became clear that this was a much bigger fish (actually, not a fish at all), he delighted crowds realised it was most likely a whale.

I myself spotted the whale from Tinside beach, where it surfaced at least three times before it passed Mount Batten pier. I was clearly not a seal as both it’s size and fins were clearly of a bigger animal.

Once in Batten Bay, it then seemed to pop it’s head out of the water before most likely making its way back to the relative quiet of the open sea.

The traffic on the Sound this morning included Sail GP boats and their support vessels, the usual ferries and a lot of kayaks, most likely watching the Sail GP warm ups.

The most likely culprit is the Minke Whale, which as been spotted off the coast of Devon before.

Plymouth Sound is also home to a number of other aquatic friends, including a seal, dolphins, a porbeagle shark and a conger eel.

This sighting comes just a day after the announcement that Plymouth Sounds status as a marine reserve has been secured and backed with funding.

For those interested in exploring the waters of Devon, there are ample opportunities to either go diving or cruising on the water. Who knows, you might even spot another whale out there…

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